duminică, 29 august 2010

Life in..

Life in deserts was sandy, 
Life in caves was lonely, 
Life in ocean was salty, 
Life in stars was resplendent, 
Life in car was modern, 
Life in mountains was exhilarating, 
Life in Sun was brilliant, 
Life in forests was mystical, 
Life in shadows was enigmatic, 
Life in battlefield was belligerent, 
Life in pearls was exotic, 
Life in office was monotonous, 
Life in sky was breezy, 
Life in submarine was voluptuous, 
Life in trees was mischievous, 
Life in roses was fragrant, 
Life in grass was intoxicating, 
Life in webs was silken, 
Life in paradise was divine, 
Life in temples was sacrosanct, 
Life in gutter was abhorrent, 
Life in dirt was deplorable, 
Life in rain was seductive, 
Life in beehives was vivacious, 
Life in wine was sensuous, 
Life in computers was brazen, 
Life in nests was sequestering, 
Life in statues was stationary, 
Life in icebergs was freezing, 
Life in anthills was irascible, 
Life in lakes was placid, 
Life in locks was invincible, 
Life in photographs was still, 
Life in gardens was pleasant, 
Life in mousetrap was asphyxiating, 
Life in fists was curled, 
Life in prison was disdainful, 
Life in whirlpool was spinning, 
Life in theater was dramatic, 
Life in art was enchanting, 
Life in boats was undulating, 
Life in diamonds was glittering, 
Life in moon was milky, 
Life in kitchen was appetizing, 
Life in beauty was ravishing, 
Life in titillation was enticing, 
Life in fantasy was stupendous, 
Life in motherslap was blissful, 
Life in medicine was healing, 
Life in corpse was standstill, 
Life in lavatory was pathetic, 
Life in seedlings was blossoming, 
Life in horseback was gallivanting, 
Life in snakeskin was slithering, 
Life in oven was sizzling, 
Life in greenery was sedative, 
Life in rebellion was evoking, 
Life in discrimination was appalling, 
Life in benevolence was gratifying, 
Life in humanity was God, 
Life in cheese was tangy, 
Life in achievement was exultating, 
Life in ambition was propelling, 
Life in eyelashes was flirtatious, 
Life in palms was dependant, 
Life in fashion was bombastic, 
Life in recluse was esoteric, 
Life in keyhole was inconspicuous, 
Life in kites was exuberant, 
Life in glass was reflecting, 
Life in tea was rejuvenating, 
Life in sheep was impeccable, 
Life in rocks was jagged, 
Life in chains was abominable, 
Life in feathers was tickling, 
Life in egotism was preposterous, 
Life in dawn was brandnew, 
Life in dewdrops was mesmerizing, 
Life in intrigue was electrifying, 
Life in eloquence was mystifying, 
Life in clock was pragmatic, 
Life in childhood was nostalgic, 
Life in robots was mechanical, 
Life in fabric was shielding, 
Life in soul was stupefying, 
Life in roots was entangling, 
Life in chains was hedonistic, 
Life in bareness was lascivious, 
Life in haziness was romantic, 
Life in knives was lethal, 
Life in chili was piquant, 
Life in swings was fascinating, 
Life in lechery was insane, 
Life in rhythm was celestial, 
Life in pulse was frantic, 
Life in lies was cowardice, 
Life in superstitions was non-existent, 
Life in revenge was pugnacious, 

But life in the heart of your beloved...

* nu-mi aarţine, însă îmi place mult.

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DJ Eugen Project spunea...

tare poezia ... cand mai ai timp mai hai si pe la mine cu niste commenturi

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